My name is Vazug, previously known as Vanillezucker, 17 years old and I had been born in Riverwood (Wales). Nowadays I am living in Germany.
I like trains! Choo Choo!

I love playing Minecraft. Additionally, I will run an own public server soon for which I am in need of some helpers in the categories building, developing, testing and marketing. English required, German additional. If you would like to get some information about my plans and the progress of working, feel free to contact me.

A few days ago I decided to buy Mini Metro and I really have to mention this game is quite amazing. It already is very addictive!

I love working with her together. Her kind of doing stuff is quite impressive and amazing! This girl exactly knows what to do in almost every situation, it clearly does not matter at all what problem she has to handle.
There is nothing she is not able to solve. The plugins are clean coded, too! I really recommend her.